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Helpful Websites

The resources on this page will all be free unless otherwise noted. 

Curriculum Resources

Ambleside Online - Online curriculum that uses Charlotte Mason's classically based principles.

Teaching Textbooks - Computer based software where kids watch lectures and complete math individually (purchase required).

Half-a-Hundred Acre Wood - Resources for homeschooling families participating in Classical Conversations.

Homeschool with Winnie - Additional details and information for each week of each cycle for Classical Conversations.  Also has educational app reviews and curriculum reviews. 

Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool - Comple curriculum for K through 8th grade and a sister site for high school. 

Simply Charlotte Mason Book Finder - Helps narrow down living books based on subject and grade level. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology Open Courseware - College level classes coursework.

Skill Building for Kids

Arcademic Skill Builders - Skill building games for kids.  Includes math, language arts, spelling and more.

Starfall - Skill building games for kids.  Focuses on math and reading. 

Khan Academy - Great videos and resources for kids to learn a myriad of topics... for free!

CODE - Helps teach kids learn how to code and make your own video game, apps, etc.   

OrigamiWay - Great instructions for kids in origami to make flowers, animals and more. 

Teach Your Monster to Read - Gives kids a "monster" pet that they must complete tasks to help them read.

TypingClub - Lessons that teach your child how to type and proper techniques. 

Oregon Trail - The original game from the 1990's available online to play.  Who wouldn't learn from this classic?

Make Me Genius - Educational videos for kids.  Science focused for grades 1 - 7. 

BBC History for Kids - Learn with games and quizzes on various parts of history. 

Kids National Geographic - Videos and games to learn about the world, the amazing body and more!

Instructables - Website with tutorials  and awesome projects for learning! 

Other Homeschooling Resources

Traceable Letters Worksheets
K12 Reader Spelling Lists

StudyJams by Scholastic - Various math and science resources and fun for kids.

WatchKnowLearn - Educational videos that cover most every subject.