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Community Lots for Sims 3  
One of the best aspects of Sims 3 is the concept of an open neighborhood!  Take advantage of this by filling your world with plenty of fun and interesting places for your sims to visit!  My Sim Realty has a large selection of community lots and they are sorted according to the lot type with each respective expansion pack.  If you need assistance installing these files, please visit the F.A.Q.  If you encounter an issue with the file or a link, please email us.

All of the downloads available - especially worlds - represent hundreds of hours of work and dedication.
If you appreciate the free downloads, please consider a donation.  Thank you!

Lots Added with Supernatural

World Trade Apothecary & Tea - Elixir Consignment
Requires Sims 3 + Late Night + Pets + Supernatural + Island Paradise + Into the Future + Duke of Bows (optional)
Lot Size:   Houseboat (medium barge)
Furnished:  $56,027
Stories:  1
Other:   This little houseboat is a travelling apothecary! It sells potions and elixirs to heal any ailment has a variety of specialty teas at the tea shop as well. There is a picnic area and a place to practice magic as well.  There are only two small items of store content used - if you do not have them you can simply replace the grill in the corner and add a little fireplace (I cannot recall what set it came with, it is called Stovepipe Steve's Fireplace). 

The Sim Helsing Shack  - Supernatural Hangout
Requires Sims 3 + Late Night + Pets + Supernatural + Showtime + University
Lot Size:   30x20
Furnished:  $45,507
Stories:  2 + basement
Other:   Supernatural sims will enjoy this rodeo hangout!  It has an indoor broomstick arena, bar with live music and dancing.  Downstairs there is a pool table and a rodeo bull.  This lot was created for Meadow Glen Updated to go on Sharon Road. 

Toadstool Elixirs - Elixir Consignment
Requires Sims 3 + Ambitions + Pets + Supernatural + Seasons
Lot Size:   20x30
Furnished:  $9,063
Stories:  1
Other:   Sims who need to purchase elixirs will find everything they need at Toadstool Elixirs.  This shop is pretty simple but does have a side patio with grilling area. 

Whimsy's Place - Supernatural Hangout
Requires Sims 3 + Late Night + Pets + Showtime + Supernatural
Lot Size:   30x20
Furnished:  $28,946
Stories:  1
Other:   Whimsy's Place was created to be a haven for the supernaturals out there - a place away from the skeptics and harsh realitiies of life.  This little cottage has warm colors and horseshoes, a fire pit, reading area by the fireplace, computers, bathrooms with showers and a kitchenette.  It isn't much but it is a place of solitude and friendships. 

Deadwood Potion Shop - Elixir Consignment
Requires Sims 3 + Ambitions + Late Night + Pets + Supernatural
Lot Size:   30x20
Furnished:  $56,027
Stories:  1 + basement
Other:   Sims who have elixirs to consign will enjoy this addition to their neighborhood.  This small elixir consignment shop features a small parking lot, garden area and bathrooms in the basement. 
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