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Worlds:  Anne Arbor - Archived
Welcome to Anne Arbor - a bustling metropolis on one side and a quaint town with cabins and farmlands on the other.  This large world is a remake of Elmira City, to be made on a larger scale with houses in the mountains and swamps!  Finally - your sims can all live in one place without having to move.  Enjoy the benefits of the city or move out to the little town for some peace and quiet.  This world has a mobile home park in the swamp, boat houses... everything your sims could want!  Please report any problems that you encounter with this world.  If you need help with installing this world or a save file, please see the FAQ

Requirements:  Sims 3 + World Adventures + Ambitions + Late Night + Generations

Included Lots:  This world has all base game and LN rabbit holes, a salon, art gallery, 2 gyms, 2 libraries, all LN clubs, consignment store and a firestation; parks, cemetary, campground, fishing spots and beaches.  There are 4 apartments that are ready to be customized.  All spawners included.  If you would like sims in your neighborhood, a save file is provided as well.  This world has a total of 156 lots.  There are new lots to update this world for other EPs here

Other Remarks:  This world is not flagged as a city so wildlife will spawn if you have Pets.  If you want more of a city feel, there are a variety of mods that we enjoy at NRaas Industries that may enhance your gameplay such as mods that stop certain types of traffic and that.

Each world represents hours of time and detail.  If you appreciate the hundreds of free
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Every amount is appreciated!!!

Picture Gallery for This World:   

New Lots for This World: 

Sparky's Dog Park
Requires Sims 3 + World Adventures + Pets
Lot Size:   20x30
Furnished:  $18,614
Stories:  1
Other:  A cute little dog park for your world!  This park has dog houses, a small pond, dog toys, picnic area, bathrooms and a chess set.  Created for Anne Arbor to replace building at 818 Columbus Road.

Anne Arbor Horse Ranch
Requires Sims 3 + Pets
Lot Size:   40x40
Furnished:  $28,236
Stories:  1 useable
Other:  Get your horses a workout and some practice in at this horse ranch!  It has a picnic area, small pond, 5 different jumping sets, a hitching post and two stables inside of the barn.  Created for Anne Arbor to go at 661 Windmill Way.

Anne Arbor Equestrian Center
Requires Sims 3 + Pets
Lot Size:   40x40
Furnished:  $10,111
Stories:  1
Other:  This is an equestrian center for your world!  It has two hitching posts and some parking.  It was created for Anne Arbor to go at 855 Windmill Way.

Columbus Pond
Requires Sims 3 + Ambitions
Lot Size:   40x40
Furnished:  $6,486
Stories:  1
Other:  This is just a simple fishing pond.  Created for Anne Arbor to go at 202 Columbus Road.

Harvard Area Academy
Requires Sims 3 + Late Night
Lot Size:   45x40
Furnished:  $45,015
Stories:  1
Modern community school to help offset the large amount of students being pushed into the one rural school in Anne Arbor.  Meant to replace the skyscraper at 354 Pear Blvd. 

Columbus Station - Subway Station
Requires Sims 3 + World Adventures + Ambitions + Late Night
Lot Size:   20x20
Furnished:  $4,335
Stories:  1
Other:   This is just a simple subway station to make your commute a little shorter.  There are two benches and trash cans.  Created for Anne Arbor to go at 126 Columbus Road.

Elmira Apartments
Requires Sims 3 + Ambitions + Late Night + Generations
Lot Size:   40x30             
Furnished:  $24,783
Bedrooms:  2+              
Stories:  2
Other:   This spacious apartment features two full bathrooms, a large eat-in kitchen and two bedrooms.  One of the bedrooms is divided into two sections - making it potentially a 3 bedroom apartment - the sleeping area with two loft beds and the gaming room.  This apartments is great for a family with teens!  Tenants have access to a small gym, parking garage and playground area.  This apartment is a complete version of the apartment in Anne Arbor at 255 Lincoln St.