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All of our downloads - especially worlds - represent hours of time and dedication!  Would you show your support and appreciation with a donation?  Every amount is appreciated and helps with site costs!  Another way you can help is by disabling Ad-Block extensions for this website - here's how!

Houseboats for Sims 3   
If your sims have a desire for adventure out on the open sea, then a houseboat is what you need!  The addition of Island Paradise enables sims to live out in the middle of the ocean and travel around their world.  We have a variety of houseboats to suit all sims.  Click on the thumbnails to see bigger pictures of the interior / exterior.  If you need assistance installing these files, please visit the F.A.Q.  If you encounter an issue with the file or a link, please email us 

All of the downloads available - especially worlds - represent hundreds of hours of work and dedication.
If you appreciate the free downloads, please consider a donation.  Thank you!

If your sim is not sea worthy, perhaps a house in these price ranges would work better? 
Under $16,500 Up to $25,000 Up to $50,000
Up to $75,000 $75,000 + The best money can buy!


Little Starter Boat
Requires Sims 3 + Late Night + Island Paradise + University
Boat Size:   Narrow Barge, 20x6        
Furnished:  $22,098
Bedrooms:  Studio Style             
Stories:  1
Other:  This little houseboat does not have a lot of space but is perfect as a little getaway boat or for a sim starting out.  It is a studio style boat with a full bath and two large deck areas.  It is furnished with a Murphy bed and a laptop, so some basic furnishings (such as the telescope) could be removed to make it even cheaper!  Furnished for 2 sims.

3 Almond Bay
Requires Sims 3 + Late Night + Seasons + University + Island Paradise + Into the Future + WA (optional for wine racks in the kitchen)
Boat Size:   Large Barge, 17x20        
Furnished:  $42,074
Bedrooms:  2+             
Stories:  3
Other:  This houseboat is great for sims who like to party!  The main level features a great outdoor party space with dancing, bar, fire pit and grilling area.  Inside there is a lot of space with fireplace, full bath and eat-in kitchen.  Three ladders take your sims upstairs to two large bedrooms, adjoining bathroom and a study.  The third level has yet another indoor living space with half bath as well as a large outdoor patio.  It is furnished for 4 sims with two double beds.

A Quaint Houseboat
Requires Sims 3 + University + Island Paradise
Boat Size:   Curved Bow, 12x8         
Furnished:  $43,149
Bedrooms:  1             
Stories:  2
Other:  This smaller houseboat features a lot of open deck space.  The upper deck has a bedroom and two balconies.  Each level has an all-in-one bathroom.  This houseboat is furnished for 2 sims.
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