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All of our downloads - especially worlds - represent hours of time and dedication!  Would you show your support and appreciation with a donation?  Every amount is appreciated and helps with site costs!  Another way you can help is by disabling Ad-Block extensions for this website - here's how!

Welcome to Evansdale County!
Welcome to Evansdale County!  This world has a warm and more tropical feel to it, thank you to the custom lighting from Monte Vista.  This world includes all rabbit holes.  There are several parks, fishing spots, beaches, and base game lots such as a library and the gym.  You will find several clubs that can accommodate events from Showtime, as well as a java hut, pet store, and an arcade.  There are all lot types from Pets and Ambitions.  This world is not flagged as a city so it will spawn wildlife.  If you want more of a city feel, there are a variety of mods that we enjoy at NRaas Industries that may enhance your gameplay such as mods that stop certain types of traffic and that.

Q.  What is the extended version?  
A.  The new extended version of Evansdale has a new ID so you do not need to uninstall the smaller version - you can have both!  This version adds several lots and reconfigured lots in the farming area to have some larger lots.  There are also therefore new lots to explore and enjoy.  It also adds small islands - they are not hidden by fog however.  This version still requires Island Paradise.

Version Description World Download Save File Download
2 Expanded version that has the same requirements but more (and bigger) lots.  This world has 117 lots - DOES NOT REQUIRE SUPERNATURAL FOR THE BRIDGES ON THE TOWN SIDE!
Download -
2 Expanded version which does not have any custom lighting.
Download  Download
2 Expanded version that has the same requirements but more (and bigger) lots.  This world has 117 lots.
Download Download
1 Original version updated with Island Paradise and custom lighting. 
Download -
1 Original version.  Requires Sims 3 + Ambitions + Late Night + Pets + Showtime + Supernatural + Seasons + University.  This world has 85 lots. Download Download

All of our downloads - especially worlds - represent hours of time and dedication!  Would you show your support and appreciation with a donation?  Every amount is appreciated and helps with site costs!

With the release of each new expansion pack or store content, new lots have been created for this world!  Some of them replace previous lots so that you can customize and make this world your own.  Below are the lots that have been released since the world was originally published.  Newer versions of a world may already have an older lot placed for your convenience. 
New Lots to Download (some lots will fit in any version of this world)

Hampton Inn & Suites - Resort  
Requires Sims 3 + Ambitions + Late Night + Supernatural + Seasons + Island Paradise + Stones Throw Greenhouse
Lot Size:   40x40     
Stories:  2 + Basement
Other:  This high end resort features great ammenities for sims! There is on-site laundry for longer stays, free breakfast, lunch, dinner and a dessert bar. We have two VIP rooms, a workout room, a lounge area, and a wedding arch. The highlight here is the indoor / outdoor pool, patio area with grill and pool bar and snack bar!  Created in Evansdale County on Marvin Street in the city side.

MuMacker Fairgrounds - Festival Grounds
Requires Sims 3 + Pets + Late Night + Seasons + University + Into the Future + The Boardwalk + World of Wonder + Delicious Bakery + Grandpa's Grove Tractor + Savvy Seller's + Al Fresco Street Market (optional)
Lot Size:   64x64          
Stories:  2
Other:  This large community lot will keep your sims busy for the whole day!  There is a playground and carousel for the kids, a fun rollercoaster, hayrack rides, a large arcade with gift shop below.  There is also the Sweet Cheeks bakery, a little bar, lots of picnic areas and a room to rent for your special event!  The farm has a pumpkin patch in the fall and a farmer's market every summer!  This lot was built in Evansdale County

24 Hour Fitness - Gym
Requires Sims 3 + University + Supernatural + Island Paradise + Rock Climbing Wall + Basketball Hoop + Posters from Town Life
Lot Size:   20x30
Furnished:  $73,568
Stories:  2
Other:  This more modern gym has activities to keep your sim busy all day.  In the back there is a patio with grill and basketball hoop.  The main level has a rock climbing wall, yoga room, kitchen area and treadmills.  Upstairs are more treadmills and weight machines.  This lot was created in a version of Evansdale County to go on the town side on a middle lot.

Red Brick Coffee & Flowers - Coffeehouse
Requires Sims 3 + Ambitions + Late Night + Seasons + University + Showtime + Into the Future + Business As Usual
Lot Size:
Stories:  3
Other:  This coffeeshop is perfect for the aspiring business owner.  In addition to coffee, this shop is all setup to sell flowers.  There is even a two level apartment with private access and patio so your sim can avoid hiring!  Created in Evansdale on the town side at 25 Bluebird Way.

County Fairgrounds - Festival Grounds
Requires Sims 3 + Seasons + University + Into the Future + Island Paradise + The Boardwalk
Lot Size:
Stories:  2
Other:  The County Fairgrounds is the best place to spend your day!  There are two roller coasters - one with lots of thrills and one that is much  more mild for kids and faint at heart.  There is roller skating, an arcade, and a party room!  This lot was created for Evansdale County to go in the center of the town!

Tech Bot Shop - Bot Emporium
Requires Sims 3 + LN + PET + FUT

Lot Size:   30x20
Furnished:  $62,593
Stories:  2
Other:  Now your sims can go to this new wi-fi cafe to not only chill with computers and books, but you can also design your ideal Sim-Bot!  There are charging stations, arcade machines and more computers upstairs.  This lot was created in Evansdale County to go at 882 Marvin Blvd.

51 Oakley Estates
Requires AM + GEN + SP + SEA + UNI

Lot Size:   40x40            
Bedrooms:  4             
Stories:  2
Other:  This spacious family home features a main level bedroom and study. There is a laundry room and 1.5 baths. Upstairs are three large bedrooms and two full baths, as well as a balcony. Outside your sims can enjoy a playground and small garden. There is an attached garage. Furnished for 6 sims and 1 baby. Created to go in Evansdale Expanded.  

59 Beans Road
Requires AM + PET + GEN + Country Livin' + Stones Throw Greenhouse + Farm Fresh

Lot Size:   50x50            
Bedrooms:  3             
Stories:  2
Other:  Sims who enjoy the outdoors and taking care of the farm will love this home!  The house has a master suite on the main level, half bath with laundry and a fireplace.  Upstairs there are two large bedrooms and a full bath.  Outside is a large barn with 2 stables and a hayloft.  There is a gardening station, play area, cows and chickens too.  Furnished for 5 sims.  Created to go in Evansdale Expanded at 59 Beans Road.

Misha's Bar & Grill - Local Watering Hole
Requires Sims 3 + Late Night + Showtime + University (optional) + Business As Usual
Furnished:  $62,080
Stories:  2
Other:   This little cafe features a bar and restaurant on the main level.  There is seating inside and out on the patio with menus.  Upstairs your sims will find live shows, live music and karoke!  There is also a small arcade room.  This lot was modified for Evansdale Expanded to replace the current Misha's Bar & Grill.

Lily Mae Inn
Requires Sims 3 + WA + SHO + SN + SEA + IP also uses massage table and sauna from Sunlit Tides
Lot Size:   60x60            
Stories:  2
Other:  Sims who desire a nice getaway will be pleased with a stay at the Lily Mae Inn.  This resort has two EA resort tower rugs for plenty of income potential!  There are also two VIP beach cottages, each with a kitchenette and private bath.  The hotel has a recreational room with fireplace, wedding arch, pool and hot tub, as well as a spa with exercise, sauna and massage.  Created for the Evansdale Extended version on Lily Mae Isle. 

Spanish Rose Retreat - Resort
Requires Sims 3 + LN + SEA + SHO+ UNI + IP

Lot Size:   40x40
Furnished:  $113,238
Stories:  3
Other:  This expensive resort features luxurious rooms and two spacious VIP suites.  There is a pool with pool bar as well as a full service bar in the lobby.  There is a dining room with 4 buffets as well as a wedding arch.  Guests also have access to an exercise room.  This lot was created in Evansdale County to go at 459 City Heights Road.

Lucky Palm Casino - Resort
Requires Sims 3 + LN + SEA + SHO+ UNI + IP + Lucky Simoleon Casino

Lot Size:   17x22 Houseboat
Furnished:  $86,598
Stories:  3 + Basment
Other:  This moderately priced resort has a lot on board to keep your sims in a great mood!  There are two VIP rooms which have a kitchenette and rooftop patio with lounge chairs and bar.  Other ammenities include a workout room, full service bar and hot tub.  The lower deck features a dessert bar with a casino.  This lot uses premium content from Lucky Palms for the casino only.

White Wave Landing - Port
Requires Sims 3 + Showtime + Island Paradise
Lot Size:   50x30
Stories:  1
Other:  This is a new port to place on the city side of Evansdale County.  It has two fountains on each side and a bathroom on site.  It was specifically built for 67 Evans Beach.  This is for the smaller version of Evansdale - not the extended version.

Sea Cottage Escape - Resort
Requires Sims 3 + Seasons + Island Paradise
Lot Size:   30x30
Furnished:  $56,638
Stories:  2
Other:  This resort will certainly appeal to technophobes as there is not a TV to be found on the lot!  The focus here is relaxation and quiet.  There is a pool, nice lobby area, a reading nook, balcony and spa rooms.  There are two sea cottages.  If you have the Serenity Retreat one spa room will be for massages and the other is the soaking tub from Sunlit Tides (they will just not show up if you don't).  This lot was created in Evansdale County to go on 25 Lily May Isle.  This is for the smaller version of Evansdale - not the extended version.

Evansdale Festival Park - Festival
Requires Sims 3 + Ambitions + Seasons (Pets & Showtime optional)
Lot Size:   64x64
Furnished:  $
Stories:  1
Other:  If you have placed a Custom University or just would like a bigger festival lot in Evansdale County, here is a new one for you!  This lot has bathrooms, picnic areas and chess boards.  There are all seasons events.  During the winter festival you will find both the skating board rink and ice skating!  There is a small pen for holding horses if you have pets.  This lot was intended for 32 Central Square.  Pictures depict Evansdale Tulip Days.

Evansdale Student Union
Requires Sims 3 + SHO + UNI
Lot Size:   30x20            
Stories:  2
Other:  Students attending a custom University in their home world will appreciate the facilities available at the Evansdale Student Union.  This building has chess and a grill out on the patio.  Inside your sims will find two lecture rooms, bathrooms with showers, a coffee shop, computer lab and entertainment.  The upper level is a great place for a study area right by the fireplace!  Created to replace a townhouse in the city at 53 Baltic Aveue in Evansdale This is for the smaller version of Evansdale - not the extended version.

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